Layton shoulder bag in aqua ~ reveal

  1. My DH picked this out for me to mark our 11th year wedding anniversary. The leather is oh-so-soft & it has 6 outer pockets and 5 inner pockets. I don't need a purse organizer with this bag. It is very comfortable on the shoulder and the aqua colour is STUNNING !!!!!

    Looks blue on the website but its more of a light teal irl :

    Thanks for letting me share :smile:

  2. Happy 11th year wedding anniversary!

    Your Layton leather bags looks so super soft and that aqua color is amazing. I love MK bags because of all the pockets.
    Congrats and Enjoy!
  3. That color is beautiful! It looks like it could hold a lot. And congrats on the 11 years of marriage!
  4. :faint: I is GORGEOUS!
    Congrats on your Anniversary, your new bag and on having one helluva hubby! ;)
  5. YAY to pockets!!!!!! I think of the amount of money I've spent on wristlets and purse organizers which could all have been saved for an MK bag. The amount of pockets is fantastic and I love that it keeps everything organized and accessible.

    I've never liked this style in pics but when I saw the colour, It was instant love! :loveeyes:
  6. Thank you :smile: I don't have anything in this colour. It adds a refreshing pop of colour to my fall wardrobe. It holds quite a bit and all the pockets keeps me so organized!

    11 years of marriage.......yet I haven't aged a day since 2001 :graucho::graucho:
  7. Awww you're such a sweetheart!! :hugs: Thank you, my friend. The Layton is fabulous in every way possible :coolio: It was instant love with this one and that rarely happens to me with MK bags. It is everything I look for in a bag....A BAG COMPOSED OF MANY POCKETS!!! :yahoo:

    DH is going to get a big head with your compliment :lol:
  8. Awesome Gift! Hubby did a good job:smile:
  9. It's gorgeous! Congratulatuons and happy anniversary!!! The color is stunning!!!
  10. It's HOT! Work that bag! :yahoo:
  11. Love the color! Excellent gift.
  12. You are so welcome friend! It is a beautiful bag. I saw it at the MK Boutique last month and thought it was just TDF. I have a Red Layton from 2 seasons ago and the leather is like buttah! I get compliments on her whenever I carry her and I am sure you will get tons as well!

    And it never hurts to give em a compliment every now and then...:P
  13. Beautiful bag, love the color! It's going to be a great pop of color with your Fall wardrobe. DH did good!!!! That's one thing I really love about MK is the pockets he gives you in his bags. Like you said, Love how organized you can keep a bag without adding a bunch of wristlets and such, which also adds weight to your bag!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!:flowers:
  14. Yes, he did!!! :graucho:

    Thanks hun! :smile:
  15. Thank you very much! :smile::smile: The colour is what 'got' me !!!