Layering piece for VCA 5 motif should it stay or go?


Should I keep the Tiffany beaded bracelet

  1. Yes, it makes a great layering piece with 1 VCA 5 motif

  2. No, it takes away from the VCA 5 motif bracelet (overpowers it)

  3. Yes, but as a stand alone piece

  4. No, it is too trendy.

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  1. From all of your posts the past couple of days it sounds like you're really stressing over keeping it or not. Like I said before, I think the smaller beads would compliment it better. Thats the one I am getting and it had perfect balance. That said, I think the medium would compliment the VCA bracelet more than the small IF you wear it on a separate wrist. Then I think they would work nicely together. Some people are going to like wearing everything chunky since it is the trend these days, but I think the smaller one is timeless with the VCA.
  2. Have you tried changing the order of the stack?
    Try the 2 VCA's together then the beads.
    I love this look because it is a stack...KWIM?
    The Tiffany beads have been around a long time, so no...not trendy.