Layering necklaces

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  1. Have noticed lately alot of girls on Instagram etc can layer necklaces so well. I need some inspiring pics.

    Thanks ladies.
  2. I get bored with jewelry so I try to mix things up. You may already own a necklace that you can layer. I bought a long pearl tin cup (first pic) that can be layered with a lot of necklaces. Roberto Coin "Tiny Treasures" are a good necklace to use for layering. Don't be afraid to experiment!
    Tin cup pearl and custom diamond necklace.
    TN with RC amethyst necklace.
    RC amethyst cone.jpg
  3. I always find it is best to experiment. Lay all of your necklaces out and when you think you have found a complimenting set try it on! It always seems to work for me and you can find so many combinations you would never have thought of!
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  4. What do people think about layering necklaces with different colored metals and/or period styles? I have a bvlgari b zero in white gold and pave diamonds, but all my other necklaces are yellow gold in Byzantine / ancient Mediterranean style (that's where my family is from). Is it still considered a faux pas to mix these?

  5. I don’t think it’s a faux pas to mix metals. If you it, go for it!
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