Layering and Stacking Thread!

  1. I love that a $20 bracelet can make us happy too!


    I finally got it, at least I think it's the same. I might need a couple more.
  2. Thank you. I actually got it last April. My friend owns a jewelry store, she would rip that other bracelet off my wrist, she's a jewelry snob and I always get in trouble for having dirty jewelry, but I get good discounts so it's worth it. We had talked about silver trim vs rosegold trim and I had wanted the silver. When I went in to pick it up the rosegold was waiting for me. Sometimes she thinks she knows better than me. I have another white watch with silver trim so I just wore that for the summer. i have to say the rosegold trim is better for this time of year it warms the white a little, now I'm use to it and totally love it. Plus if I got the silver I would of never worn my other watch, which I still love. So I guess she does know better than me sometimes!
  3. Gorgeous pieces here, everyone! This is my wedding stack: Hidalgo (diamond band), Carrera y Carrera (swan), heirloom piece from Brighton (inverted pear diamond), and a knuckle ring... all 18k yg.
    Tiffany Infinity.jpg
  4. That's sick! I love it
  5. Here's my wedding ring stack. No where near as big as some of the amazing rocks you ladies have but it's very sentimental and matches me well. I love it.

  6. It's lovely. Classic abs beautiful
  7. She has great taste!! Interesting that you wear your silver H bracelets with the YG Love. I wasn't sure about that as I have a YG 4 diamond love and a silver/white Clic Clac...will have to try together and see if it could work??
  8. I don't take it off unless I'm painting or working so I've learned to love it with everything
  9. Thank you! And madiemic, that is a lovely set! So glad to have found this thread!
  10. Thank you :smile:
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. OMG...I've been lusting after the Titan bangle for so long!!! They look great on you - congrats !
  13. Mine today - Leah Alexandra bangle, pandora and H Kelly Dog.

  14. Mine is similar. Love mine too... Not extravagant but lots of value to me

  15. Love the evil eye, could you tell me who makes it?