Layering and Stacking Thread!

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  1. Gorgeous!
  2. not sure if someone already answered. I live in toronto. WHile i dont have a fav indian jewler..there are TONS on AIrport rd (near etobicoke) and Gerard street)

    my only advice is....BARGAIN> make sure they weigh the gold on the scale. never walk out paying the price they quote :smile:

    good luck!
  3. thanks machick!:smile:
  4. So sick of winter wearing white accessories when I can!

  5. Love this, that watch is gorgeous!
  6. So a belated Valentine's gift from my sweet hubby arrived yesterday, sterling silver monogram bracelet. I am so in love with it!!!!
    photo-74.jpg photo-70.jpg photo-68.jpg photo-65.jpg
  7. Nice! Jane Basch?
  8. Lovely!
  9. gorgeous! looks amazing! you are building quite the bracelet stacks!!!
  10. Nothing designer, he got it from I saw it on pinterest last week and sent him a pic. He took the hint hehe.
  11. Thanks!

    Thanks! Following in your delicate bracelet footsteps has worked out well for me!
  12. Gorgeous bracelet! Love your stacks :smile:
  13. Vita Fede mini Titan bracelets just arrived! Haphazardly stacked with my Love...


    And here's one from a couple days ago. I have no freaking clue how to stack with this watch! This doesn't look right. LOL

  14. So beautiful!
  15. Doesn't matter, it's beautiful!