Layering and Stacking Thread!

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  1. Hey! I bought this one at birks, it was originally a necklace and I had it changed to a bracelet. I kept the whole chain but doubled it up and voila! Bracelet :d its 0.95 total weight and I love the blue of this sapphire! So hard to find! Good luck on your sapphire hunt :smile:

    Thanks stmary! I agree its fun to add pops of colour to an all diamond stack!

    Thanks skyqueen! This sapphire loves light. Its goes almost a neon blue when it catches light :biggrin:
    Haha thanks! I'm always looking at how you stack for inspiration :smile: you have amazing pieces!
  2. image-3866656665.jpg

    This is a fun piece I picked up at a gem show paired with a David yurman citrine bangle.
  3. Love your ring! Looks like yellow diamond. Is it?
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    The newest additions to my collection..... Dior Bois de Rose rings in 18k wg, one with diamonds on only the thorns, the other with pavè.
    image-1452720237.jpg image-3259269636.jpg
  5. That's really cool looking
  6. Aray22, love your stack. So pretty and feminine!

    Junkenpo, your Dior rings are gorgeous. I'm partial to organic shapes, and these are so beautiful!

    Here's mine:
    Bracelet stack1.jpg
  7. Stunning!
  8. Thanks for the kind words ladies... I haven't been this excited about jewelry in awhile... I suppose that's better for my wallet. lol

    And I love both your evil eyes! Have they been posted in the evil eye thread?
  9. Thank you! I love my ring too:smile: it is a family heirloom my husband's great great grandmother's I don't know anything about the stats (color or clarity) I know it's an old miners cut which apparently they don't make anymore. I don't believe it is a fancy canary diamond though.
  10. I don't post very often but I love me a good stack of bracelets. This is what I have on today. Cartier. Tiffany and semi precious stone bracelets by EllieMae.

  11. Love this stack!
  12. ^^Thanks!! I love mixing in different bracelets with my LOVE's
  13. Looks amazing!!
  14. Wow, I don't know which one draws my eye the most! All so pretty! Great stack.
  15. Here is my stack today, diamond RHR and pave band. I have to wear it on left hand as it is so hard to take pics with left hand :smile: