Layering and Stacking Thread!

  1. All Tiffany stackings from the magazine.:biggrin: The Classic Solitiare is 1.4cts.
    IMG_1012.jpg IMG_1013.jpg IMG_1014.jpg
  2. That last pic really makes me want a bead bracelet...
  3. :love:
  4. Me too!:p
  5. Today's combi..

  6. Me three!
  7. I want one too....badly! I just bought the bead earrings and graduated bead necklace earlier this week, and now I am regretting not buying the bracelet too.
  8. Omg I love your stack! That looks like a links of London sweetie bracelet. Is that the regular size?
  9. So beautiful!!!
    I am going to get some great ideas here.
  10. What do you guys think about the Tiffany pic where they stack more than 3 rings together??
  11. I think it is a bit too much...:smile: I would wear only the two rings, from the top.:biggrin:
  12. :idea: :nuts: :biggrin:
  13. All BVLGARI stackings from a magazine!:smile:
  14. I would stack bangles and bracelets but rings maybe just 2