Layering and Stacking Thread!

  1. Here's my bracelet :smile:

  2. Thank you so much! They tangle a bit though. I am going to try to wear two necklaces today to work, see how it goes.
  3. Good to know. I tend to be a somewhat active person, so I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't break them easily. :smile:
  4. Love it! I have the oval RTT necklace, and I was trying to score the RTT oval tag bracelet, but I decided to get the round tag bracelet instead because I wanted to make it a charm bracelet and I dunno... I thought the oval tag RTT would look wierd as a charm bracelet.
    I love your stack!
    I really want that 1837 cuff. I have it in a wider size in black titanium.
  5. So when I try to layer stuff, I wonder... Bangles with bangles, cuffs with cuffs, and chains with chains?
    I tried layering a black titanium Tiffany cuff with a Trollbeads chain bracelet, and also my RTT charm bracelet, and I dunno... My SO believes that more than one on each wrist looks tacky, but I don't think so, I just think it has to be layered right.
  6. Really really pretty!!

    Do you connect them at the clasps? That can help with the tangling.

    When I layer I mix them all up. I think the tricky part is getting them to look balanced.
  7. I agree. I think that the black titanium cuff was the total opposite of the other two bracelets... I also have a black titanium and rubber bracelet that I think will look alot nicer...
  8. Thank you, I agree with you the oval tag RTT should not be a charm bracelet, you can choose the plain bracelet (without round tag/heart tag), I've bought one , too, sometimes I attach the heart tag or just wear it alone. I also got the wider 1837 cuff in original silver style , but I think it's too big , so easy drop down and lost , then, the "thin" 1837 cuff release , I bought it ,too (just shown in the pic) , it's much better and suitable for girls (or small arms ) and I have 3 sizes of bead bracelet, can stack with another bracelet and many combinations , my pic was show the medium size and I'll show you two more stack :biggrin:
  9. Here's two more stack :smile: small bead bracelet with links charm bracelet

    balenciaga bracelet / links skull bracelet / medium bead bracelet with heart tag


    And all my Tiffany

  10. I love your Links of London sweetie! I was thinking about getting an extra small sweetie... What size is yours?
  11. Blythedor, I LOVE your stacks!!!

    By the way, did you have to get your oval tag bracelet shortened? I'm looking to get one myself, but it seems like the smallest size they have online is 7.5" long! I have a just under 6" wrist. You look like you have small wrists also, and I love how snugly the oval tag bracelet fits you. :smile:
  12. Mine is normal size, if you think it is too long, SA can take out some rings for you :smile: I was thinking to get the extra small size, but when I put it on, I think normal one is more eye catching, so I think you must try it first !
  13. Thank you :smile: my wrists is not small :smile: I just left two rings of the clasp after wearing, if you think it's too long, you can tell the SA to take out some rings, but I don't know the balance of the oval tag, because it suppose in the middle of the bracelet!
  14. I have a friendship bracelet from Links and I love their quality! When I go into San Francisco next, I will try them on :smile:
  15. Hope you will get your new item :smile: