Layering and Stacking Thread!

  1. Absolutely beautiful:love:
  2. Tanks 4LV!:p
  3. Absolutely stunning...:loveeyes:
  4. Thanks AnnaKian! I really love these PG combo!:biggrin: Now JUC is my most favorite piece, I love it more than Love. Perhaps, partially because I was not 100% right about my Love Bracelet in terms of sizing and choice of color. Or, the shape of JUC just fits me more...:smile:
  5. Just stunning einseine - yours is one of my favourite stacks!

    Can you please tell me the size of your Soleste's centre diamond? And whether it's a Fancy/Fancy Intense/Vivid Yellow? I'm thinking of getting a Soleste as RHR and yours is the perfect size! Thanks :smile:
  6. Thanks Ferdi! :biggrin: Yes, I think my Soleste is great size for me. I normally wear it as RHR. The center stone is 1.17 and intense yellow. I tried on over 2 carat one, but I found it too bulky for me, even though I have rather big hands, long fingers and big knuckles!!!
  7. Here is another shot for you!
  8. OMG LOVE!!!! Thank you for the reply and for the extra photo - the Soleste is PERFECTION on you! For some funny reason, it looks bigger in the 2nd photo than the first - probably my eyes doing funny things to me :biggrin: Your hands are gorgeous too - they don't look big at all!

    Adore the clou as well - I was tossing up between that and the Love, but I think the Love will be more wearable on a daily basis for me.
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1403924086.830585.jpg
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1404156179.177326.jpg

    L-R: from a local boutique, not sure about the brand; m. fredric; BCBG.

  11. Jaw dropping! Too amazing!!
  12. My little stack today

  13. Just wondering if anyone could post a stack of a YG Love and a WG JUC? I've only ever seen it the other way around. Thanks!