Layering and Stacking Thread!

  1. To be honest I am to early in the game as I haven't had my pieces long. I did try the onyx with an orange clic clac and that looked good if a bit in your face LOL.
  2. PHP:
    Wish there was a like button, :smile:
  3. Thank you. It was my first time wearing a stack. May try it again soon.

    Would love to see pictures of the Alhambra stacked with the orange clic clac. I love the VCA and H Clic Clac, but are out of my reach for now. Loved your stack you posted.
  4. Thank you Bags and Bijoux :biggrin:, noticed you re from the UK ( same here). I have been waiting 12 long years to get my first VCA but finally we are mart age free so I can start collecting a few coveted pieces. Hang in there it will come :smile:
    As for the Alhambra/clic combo I posted in this thread earlier
  5. Today's stack
  6. It looks lovely. May need some Hermes and VCA in my collection. Living in the north of England we don't have the designer jewellers/ boutiques unfortunately or fortunately if it's the bank manager?
  7. I'm in the North as well but my sister lives in London so we visit quite often. Xx
  8. my simple stack today. I just bought the tiffany infinity bracelet yesterday :smile:
  9. Lovely!:smile:)
  10. I really want an infinity bracelet too, love it!
  11. thanks Divealicious :smile: it's a great bracelet, I love the size of the infinity motif!
  12. thanks Caz :smile:
  13. Love the classy look!!
  14. Two looks from last week. I don't know how to make a nice stack with the H bracelet yet, so for now I "stacked" it with a sparkly golden tweed jacket :smile:
  15. I really like the H bracelet stacked with that jacket! Very pretty.