Layered Necklaces: Do you wear This Look ?

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  2. yes, but I don't really like how Beyonce or the last girl layered hers.
  3. Love this look...wearing it right now
  4. Yep, love layering a few necklaces.
  5. Yep. Been doing it for (*gasp*) decades. I especially love piling on strands of pearls starting with my 16" strand all the way down to my 30" strand and several in between . I've got them in white, black, peach, pink, and multi-color. Just love 'em! :yahoo:
  6. Yep, me, too. I love the way it looks!
  7. I absolutely love this look. However, I don't have any real long necklaces. I have to go shopping!
  8. Yep, all the time.

    And when doing it with pearls, I like throwing some gold chains and medallions in with those, as well... :yes:
  9. I love that look too, but I don't want to scratch my pearls (mine are cultured pearls, not "faux"), so I don't mix chains into the layered effect, even though I'd like to. :shrugs:
  10. You're right, if you own expensive pearls I wouldn't recommend it. Mine are AA Akoyas which I got for a song, so I'm ok with wearing them as "fashion" jewelry.
  11. All the time! I've got about 15-16 Adina silver necklaces that almost all look great layered 2 or 3 together, especially since the chains adjust in length to permit different combos.
  12. I do but I only buy them if they are cheap - 5 bucks at H&M. I refuse to spend more on long beaded necklaces since I can and have made a few myelf :smile:
  13. I cant figure out how to pull this seemingly simple look off LOL.