Layered hair cut -frizzing.. help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a question about hair, I've got a shoulder length layer cut with side swept bangs, and I'm wondering how to get the layers to look nice and visible just like after it's been cut. It looks good for a week but then the hairs start seperating and every hair is kind of individual just floating around so it looks like a big ragdy mess. Like a lion's main.

    I usually blow dry and style and it looks ok, but I'm wondering lately why it's looking so bad, how do you get the pieces defined? Does the brushing do this?


    Does anyone else experience this ?
  2. Do you use a straightener? I know that "seals" hair. Maybe some product too to smooth out the cuticle? Deep conditioning?
  3. I think blow drying sometimes makes it more frizzy. I have a layered cut and a frizz problem, lately my hair looks frizz free thanks to using a great straightening iron (you get what you pay for) and Paul Mitchell's Spray Wax before I straighten a section. The Spray Wax helps if you live in a humid climate as well. I have similar hair to yours so hopefully this helps you, too!
  4. did your stylist use a razor? it will make a layered cut look textured and give it movement/volume but the ends end up uneven. if your hair is straight, the ends will just lie there as they grow out and look great....but if you have wavy or curly hair, they will turn out and start to look frayed or frizzy as it grows out. next time ask them not to use a razor and see if it helps.

    i had to cheat on my stylist last month because she was on leave....the other girl at the salon used a razor on my hair because i didn't speak up and tell her not to. i'm dealing with the grow out right now and it's so annoying.

    like someone else said using a flat iron then applying styling wax or pomade will help seperate the layers.
  5. I have naturally wavy, sort of frizzy hair. I layer it and blow it out every day with a large round brugh. I like the separated layered look also. First I apply a couple of squirts of Silky Sexy Hair Frizz Eliminator while my hair is still wet/towel-dried. Then I blow dry it. After it is dried I use Joico Brilliantine Shine and Defining Pomade to separate the ends. It works great and a little goes a long way. My hair is never frizzy and the Joico product lasts all day to keep the layers separated.
  6. Ughh I hate it when you get your hair layered and it becomes all frizzy. I would straighten with my GHD, apply leave in conditioner and some sort of frizz eliminator if I was you.
  7. Thank you all for the informative replies. I do get my hair done with the razor, and it's straight, very straight actually, and thin.

    I will try the suggestions and see how it goes, I curled it today since I was so annoyed, it wasn't too bad. Need to get some more leave in conditioner, I noticed when it dries without blowdrying it looks good, but the only reason I blow it out is to give it volume on top (the crown) my hair is just too flat :hysteric:
  8. sometimes if it's very thin/fine (even if it's straight), it will still end up looking frayed because there's no weight to weight down the ends. at least that's what my stylist said when i told her that the other girl used a razor (i have fine curly hair and i already knew my hair looks awful razored, but i didn't know why) but since it looks good when you don't blowdry it sounds like a dry hair using a flat iron, some product and a really good conditioner will probably help. there are great youtube videos that show how to give body with a flat pretty much twist as you straighten instead of just pulling straight down. you might also try some mousse for days you want body without blowdrying. aveda's phomolliant doesn't weight my hair down at all and smells great.

    good luck!