Layaway Situation


Mar 27, 2008
I sold an item on 26Feb. An interested buyer approached me prior to placing her bid, requesting for a layaway. Said she is honest and would settle in 2 installments - 1st one on 10thMarch and 2nd on 20thMarch. The 1st payment cleared on 11th March.

Come 20th March, and no response from buyer. I sent her emails and waited 4 days later with a warning that the next email will be thru eBay resolution centre if there was no response. Her silence only pushed me to take the next step. So now the case is opened under eBay for non-payment (kind of wierd b'cos part payment is already made).

Her reason, her Paypal acct. has unresolved issues due to a fraud seller and is on hold. I just received an email from her that investigation is going on and may take another 2 weeks.

What does all this mean? Is there anything for me to be concerned about?
Can a buyer's pp acct be on hold because of a fraud seller?

Is she buying time so that this transaction will automatically be cancelled or annuled thru eBay? I still have 1/2 her money.

Please advise,,,

Thank you very much


Apr 2, 2008
If you do a search on the topic you will find that this has ended badly for sellers before.

I would make sure you hold onto her half!!! She could file for it at anytime and Paypal will ask you to refund.

I always strongly discourage people from doing this type of transaction. Sometimes it ends well but too often the buyer loses interest because the instant gratification factor is lost in making installments, which results in them asking for a refund.

I would just sit tight or offer her a refund, to cancel the transaction, and relist.


Bag Lover Downunder
Feb 6, 2008
Sounds odd but you're in the stronger position here. You have half her money with no obligation to send. If her account access has been limited, get her to call Paypal and provide her ID so she can get it restored. Maybe you can relist the bag on a 10 day listing, and tell her if she doesn't pay within ten days you will sell elsewhere.