lay out to dry?

  1. Hello!

    I have to wash my favorite pair of jeans but im really scared of washing them and putting them in the dryer, then they will shrink and it wont fit right anymore. The tag says lay to dry. Does this mean I should just let it dry without the dryer? help!! TIA:smile:
  2. Yes. I don't dry any of my jeans for the fear that they will shrink. Wash them on cold and let them air dry.
  3. If you have a drying rack that would work. I hang mine to dry using coat hangers with the clips (skirt hangers, I guess) I hang them by the waistband.
  4. great,thanks ladies!!
  5. If you frequently plan to air dry clothing they make drying racks and drying nets. They're great because air can get to both sides so things dry faster. You also are not hanging the items which will helps items like sweaters maintain their shape. I bought a net that I place over my bathtub. It cost less than $5 at a hardware store.
  6. I actually just put them on a pant hanger and then hang them from the shower rack. I am totally anal about not putting my jeans in the dryer too!
  7. I'd keep them away from the dryer like everyone else suggested and let them air dry.

    I always take mine to the dry cleaners, though. I started doing it last year and now I never have to worry.
  8. Dryers KILL your clothing, I dont dry ANYTHING that I wear (other than undergarments & socks). I leave my shirts on hangers,and I throw my jeans on the rales of my stair case (My mom gets angry though)
  9. I agree, I dont dry anything I value a lot either. Mostly underwear and pajamas and socks and that kind of stuff. Would never put my jeans in a dryer, for example.
  10. ^^and everyone always thinks I'm crazy because I don't put any of my clothes in the dryer, nice to know other people are like me!
  11. I never use a dryer too, I used it once out of curiosity in my dorm many years ago.
  12. i never dry my jeans.
    when theyre done washing, they go straight outside on my patio.
  13. I dry my jeans, because I don't like when I let them air dry and they feel all crunchy. I know its bad for them though. :s

    But if I have to air dry something, I usually ust lay it over the back of a chair.
  14. I promise they don't feel crunchy for long, 10 minutes on your body and they're soft and good as new!
  15. oops double post