1. The SA rang me the other day to let me know that the small classic black caviar was in for me... and I can't afford it right now! It's $1400 AUD and I only have $650... can you lay-by? (In Australia, that is...)

    Thanks guys! :shame:
  2. Unfortunately in OZ you can't layby Chanel bags.
    Might be different for those 'regular VIP' customers.
    The only Chanel bags you can layby are those authentic sellers on ebay.
  3. Chanel does not provide the lay by service :smile:
  4. i can imagine how crazy everyone would become if we could layby
    i would be the 1st one!
  5. LOL. I wish they offered lay-by though... I'm in a similar situation! Sigh.
  6. I am the layby queen and no, Chanel Australia do not do laybys!
  7. layby? Is that the same as layaway?
  8. ^^ ahem same question...
  9. if so i would have 20 bags on lay a way right now !!!
    i understand how you feel.. short changed-- i
  10. and what is lay-by? :huh:
  11. I got this from a website somewhere...

    A lay-by is the supply of goods on terms (express or implied) which provide that:
    (a) the goods will not be delivered to the consumer until the whole of the price has been paid, and
    (b) the price is required or allowed to be paid by 3 or more instalments (for this purpose a deposit is considered to be an instalment).