Lawyer question?

  1. I just read in my local paper that an old neighbor of mine is currently serving prison time for embezzling funds from his company. The blurb was buried in another article about embezzling...about a pastor taking funds from his church, of all things. :blink:

    I did an internet search to get more info, but I found nothing.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, about how much time would he be sentenced to for $300,000? I am thinking of his wife and 3 kids. :cry:
  2. hmmm.....I am no attorney, but that doesn't seem like that much...hardly worth taking the chance...
  3. I haven't read any law on white collar crimes, so I can't answer that question specifically.

    But, if he went to prison, he would go to a white collar crime prison, which often looks more like a resort.

    So perhaps you can do a search on white collar crimes
  4. In my world, 300k is a lot of money.
  5. Ohhhh....I was thinking they put him in hard-core prison. I guess of all the scenario's, a white-collar crime prison isn't so bad.

    I want to call her to see if she needs any help, gosh maybe even just taking the kids to the park for an hour, as she has no family in CA. But I don't know how to tactfully do it, I am sure that she is embarrassed as hell as it is. :sad: I know their friends/family was their church...but I am sure she doesn't go there anymore, as his crime was connected to the pastor's embezzlment.

  6. :yes:
  7. It depends on whether he was charged by the state or the federal government. With the fed, the amount stolen will determine the sentence.
  8. In mine too, especially if it's my 300k! :blink:
  9. Yes sentencing guidelines.