Lawyer charged with assault on prosecutor after handshake

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    Lawyer charged with assault on prosecutor after handshake

    The Associated Press
    Saturday, February 9, 2008
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida: An attorney has been charged with assault for allegedly shaking a federal prosecutor's hand so hard it injured her shoulder.
    Kathy Brewer Rentas, 49, was arrested Thursday after attending a court hearing involving her husband, who was accused of violating the terms of his probation for a cocaine distribution case in New York. The husband, Anthony Rentas, was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest.
    Afterward, Brewer Rentas asked to shake hands with Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Keene. When the pair clasped hands, Brewer Rentas shook Keene's hand so forcefully, it nearly ripped the prosecutors arm out of its socket, a court security officer told officials.
    "With Keene in hand, Brewer made an upward, then a quick downward motion and pulled Keene toward the ground moving her forward, almost causing Keene to fall to the ground," Deputy U.S. Marshall Robert Kremenik Jr. wrote in an arrest report.
    "Assaulting a federal officer is something that we will take very seriously and prosecute vigorously," said Alicia Valle, a U.S. Attorney's Office spokeswoman. "As a member of the bar, she should know better."
    Brewer Rentas' attorney, Gwendolyn Tuggle, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel her client never meant to hurt Keene. "In her mind she never intended to cause any harm," Tuggle said.
    Brewer Rentas was released from jail after spending a night in solitary confinement and posting $100,000 (€68,900) bail. She was ordered to stay away from Keene and undergo a psychological evaluation to determine whether she needs counseling.
    Brewer Rentas works as a commercial litigation attorney for a prominent law firm in Hollywood, Florida. If convicted, she faces up to a year in prison and could be penalized by the Florida Bar.
    Keene missed work Friday because of her alleged injuries.
  2. Why in the heck did she shake her hand so hard as to pull her forward? Methinks someone was upset at someone else's rulings that day....
  3. how big is this woman that she almost pulled the woman's arm out her socket?
  4. ..and this is why there needs to be awards of costs for frivolous law suits.

    Sounds like pride more than an arm was injured !
  5. Ridiculous, I think a simple apology should be all that is required.
  6. Well put!