Lawsuit against LV

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  1. Anyone who participated in that class action lawsuit against LV- have you heard when they're sending out the merch certificates? I don't think $41 is going to go far but I want mine anyways. Maybe hang it up in my closet. 😄
  2. I have not heard about this .? Was this in the U.S ?

  3. It is only for purchases made in california
  4. I was wondering recently about this. Haven't heard/gotten anything yet.
  5. I read they would be mailing out the gift cards mid April. Which is now ;)
  6. They said sometime in April...

    Here is what I posted in the other thread:
    I just checked the website, it was updated on Jan. 9th. If you go there they have full details in the "Final Approval Order." It's 22 pages so I skimmed. Pg #4: We will get a merchandise certificates for $41.00 sometime in April. Pg.#13-14 The notice says they aren't required to impose a minimum purchase and "several" items are priced below $41.00 (what, agenda paper??) and customers would be able to use it to obtain free merchandise. They must be used in a CA stand alone boutique (no leased locations inside of stores) and they expire in one year.

    I didn't see anything about combining them, if someone reads the whole thing and sees info, let me know.
  7. I received something a while back and still waiting on an answer. I forgot about it till now. Thanks!!
  8. My bag was bought in CA in that time frame, so I filled the online paper work after receiving an email. If I get anything within the month I'll let u all know. Not holding my breath. Agenda paper is $60 isn't it? Nothing is in the $40 range. LV is going to be making money off this. when people go to try and use their certificate, they'll need to pony up a lot more extra money.
  9. Maybe a small luggage tag? Which is still over $40..but get it monogramed and it would make a cute keychain or bag charm by paying an extra $20 or or so. haha!
  10. there are are a few books in that price range, but I am sure most people will get much more expensive items :smile:
  11. Received mine a couple days ago. Haha I don't think $41 will even cover tax :P

  12. There are a few little things in that range... A lock, city guide, note paper for the agendas, pen refill, shoe laces? Lol...
  13. I received my $41 law settlement gift card the other day as well. Not really planning to buy anything bit we have a year to spend the gift card.
  14. Is this an 800 number on there? I recently moved and I was not able to tell them my new address when I got the notification a while back. Thanks in advance!!