Lawgirl78's Collection

  1. Since I'm stuck at home, I figured I'd finally put a collection thread together. One pair is missing, my grey suede declic 120's, but other than that, the gang's all here.
    Without further ado:

    Back row: Teal New Simples, Black Kid Simples 85, Black Babel 85's, Black kid C'est Moi, Brown Suede Metallika, Black kid Declic, Black kid Triclo, Black Satin Drapinight
    Second Row: Taupe Horatio Sling, Black Patent VP w/ Burgundy tip, Purple suede Declic 120's, Turtle Yoyospina, Black kid VP 90, Magenta Horatio Sling, Burgundy Lady Gres
    Third Row: Beige Grease O My Sling, Camel O My Sling, Black patent Yoyo 85's, Nude patent Yoyo 85's, Nude patent pigalle 70's, Nude patent Triclo
    Front Row: Luggage patent Yoyo Zeppas, Leopard patent Madame Claude, Python twistochat, Siliver python Yoyo 85's, Red patent Rolandos
  2. Great collection!! I am loving the variety of styles and colors!
  3. And a couple more close-up shots of the collection:
  4. Love Your Collection! Wow!
  5. you have a great collection, your Purple suede Declic are TDF!!:love:
  6. Love your collection but I must say your purple declics are my favorites!! :love:
  7. Beautiful collection. I love your Declics .. just so stunning!
  8. beautiful collection lawgirl! you have all the must-have classics and some fun ones too!
  9. Oooooh!! Very beautiful. :woohoo:
  10. gorgeous collection, lawgirl!! and i have a question for you. i've seen the foot petals in other's shoes like yours. are they used just to keep your feet from slipping? they're not for comfort (like gel pads), are they?

    at any rate, i love the variety in your collection. :tup:
  11. Gorgeous!!!! I love your collection. I really love the purple declics :love: You have a lot of great neutrals but also a good amount of color.
  12. Lawgirl....amazing! I absolutely love your collection! There are all TDF, but I especially love the silver python Yoyos, the python twistochats, and the MC! :love:
  13. Gorgeous collection!
  14. Thanks ladies!
    Yaya - I use the foot petals to stop slippage, but as a bonus they do make it more cushiony and comfy.
  15. Gorgeous collection, lawgirl! I'm loving the red patent rolandos... I thought they were pailettes because of how sparkly they look, but that could just be the lighting in your room. Either way, beautiful!