Law Suit

  1. My sister purchased a fake LV from ebay, but it wasn't directly on auction. The seller ended the listing early for her. She paid by bank draft because she lives in China, although lives part of the year in CA. She has tried to contact the seller through email but there is no response. All she has from the seller are a first initial, last name, and address. Is there anything she can do? It was $850. She says her lawyer will try to contact the seller, but other than that, what else can be done? Is a law suit feasible?
  2. Since it was an off Ebay auction, there is nothing Ebay can do. You can contact the FBI at The only law suit you could file is a civil claim since it's under $5000, but I don't know how it would pan out since it's an international case.
  3. Thanks so much Allison. The bank she sent the draft from is in CA, and She has a lawyer in California that is sending a letter to the address it was sent to. Will it serve for anything other than scare tactic? We don't even know if the seller gave her real name, or any of that. It is unlisted in her city.

    How much is a civil suit and will it force the seller to refund or go to jail?
  4. A civicl suit is just a plaintiff vs. a deffendant. No lawyers, and it's usually a $300 fee. The only thing the judge could do is make the deffendant pay the money back. No jail.