Law School in Style...

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  1. SORRY THIS IS LONG!! if u want u can skip to the bottom for the Cliff notes version with pics!!

    So I decided the backpack just was NOT for me sure I tried to give it a flair with a gucci scarf that matched perfectly and I stored my gucci planner full of tiffanys accessories in it...but still just NOT for me...

    so I got a chanel tote - the GST in beige leather...nice yeah, but i underestimated the amount of CRAP I have to carry

    SO while i was in vegas at ceasers...I found a cute HUMUNGOOO gucci messenger bag! It holds a crap load of books and everything i need....but the SA the first approached me was kind of rude so we went to look at wallets for my friends bf, and I said I was going to go look at LV and the guy was like LV? are you seirous - man they are going down..LOL!! So i went looked, didnt like anything - so I came back to gucci and the guy was like SEE told you that you'd come back towards the light! I picked out my bag anddddd :sad: the display model was the last one!! So the sweetie of a guy put one at hold at the bellagio.

    When we finnnnally got to the bellagio - like 3 hours later lol the manager pulled aside the bag for me..but it was just a little blah for my tastes, so the manager sat there and showed me scarf after scarf and trinket after trinket and all of a sudden I look down and see TIES! I was like that's it...I want a tie! Can you tie this on it for me? LOL!

    You should have seen the look on his face!!! He laughed and tried for like 5 mins then he went to the back, seriously THE sweetest guy ever, so I started joking with him - "Yeah I knew you werent going to do it, going to make one of your employee's do it for you huh big bad manager!" LOL all the SA's were cracking up! SERIOUSLY the best time i've EVER had at a gucci store and weirdest part was it was probably my CHEAPEST visit -- so girls money does NOT buy you service! It's your attitude! :smile:

    But, he finally did it - you can tell he had trouble and it was ok and looked eh...but i was like even if i didnt want it on there I'll buy it, just because you went through the trouble lol!! He gave me a business card and was like PLEASE send me pics and stuff, you were awesome! LOL - i tottally made his day --- and no, it was NOT for the commission because I looked down and he gave commissions for both items to the SA at ceasers!

    Ok here's the CLIFF NOTES VERSION
    - bag bought in Vegas to supplement my Chanel gst
    - funniest sa and sweetest/cutest manager ever
    - me doing this --> :yahoo:

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  2. and TAN TA NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: Here's my new bag! :smile: How'd I do on the tie? seriously the first time i ever tied a tie in my life! lol, thank god for the internet! It's a windsor knot, WOHOOO! lol!

    oh can i just add that if you look closely at the planner you will see this light gold bar...that is one of my CRAZIEST gucci purchases ever lol! it is a cell phone lanyard! Just a two inch skinny piece of metal with gucci etched VERY SMALL towards the bottom lol! i loved that thing, but my friends made SOOO much fun of it! "Who spends 200 bucks on that??" --- yeah me - the same person that spends a 100 bucks for gucci ice trays! LOL!!!

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  3. i have the same messenger!!! .. its a really simple/neat/useful school bag for me :biggrin:
  4. I think it's cute. Who cares what others think? They don't understand our obsession! Good luck with your classes, too! I bet the gucci will hold up well for all the books you'll be putting INSIDE the bag!
  5. what style is this??? and what was the price if you don't mind me asking
  6. What a funny story Luved :lol: Excellent choice with the messenger bag. I think it's perfect for law school :smartass: Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Las Vegas, and Booooooo to that rude SA :tdown:
  7. Congrats! haha I love the tie!
  8. way to go luved!!! I super enjoyed reading your story...and yes I read the whole thing not just the Cliff Notes version. :graucho: Great job on the messenger and I sooooooo love that pink tie!!! You're truly "in style" :tup:
  9. Haha.. LOVE the tie !

    And I'm 2L and there is a serious lack of fashion in the law school community, it's nice to see someone bringing stylish back :graucho:
  10. Congrats! Love the tie and the messenger!
  11. I love the tie and the messenger! You're making me want to get a school bag and I only take 1 class a semester
  12. congrats!!
    my sis was study law...she was always most chic in the class...xixixi.we have it in a
  13. i'll be in law school in less than a year so I'll also get to show a little style lol
  14. Great bag!! You'll need it for all your books and study supplements!!! Wish I had thought of getting a Gucci messenger while I was in law school. I settled for my "rolli polli," a pull along briefcase. However, I did buy a pretty LV to look while studying for the bar and purchased an indy to celebrate taking the bar. If I pass the bar am getting a new Gucci fo' sure!
  15. haha THANKS guys...i told you i would get pics up EVENTUALLY...btw, sorry for the CRAPPY job tieing the tie! that was my first time doing it lol! but one of my friends redid it for me and it made it shorter with a fatter part of the tie, and OMG IT LOOKS SOOOOO HOT you guys have to do it!!

    seriously that is going to be my NEW THING!! ties on bags!! SERIOUSLY looks sooooooooooooooooo hot!!!