Law school...HELP..!!

  1. I sort of need your help with a little problem.
    I've dreamt about going to a university in the USA since I was four years old. I want to go to law school. Now I'm in my last year of high school and I'm top of the class (I'm not saying this to be arrogant) After my graduation I have to do one more year of high school (not really high school but I will just call it that) and after that I can finally go to law school. I really want to go to the USA even though my mom is having doubts. She knows it is my dream so she will problably agree since she does not want me to regret not going.
    Now my question to you is, specially to the lawyers here, what school did you go to..? What's the policy on foreign students..? Is it easy to get accepted..? Just tell me about your university...
    Thank you :heart:
  2. old are you? reputable law schools here require a degree from a university before they well admit you. law school is something that is generally done AFTER you get your first degree.
  3. Here in the USA, you are recommended to have a Bachelors Degree to get into Law school. You mentioned that you are just about to finish high school.
  4. Yes, you need a BA or BS first. You will also have to take the LSAT prior to application. You would take the LSAT will still in college, towards the end- I think I took it in my junior year, if I remember. It has been years though, so I can't remember for sure. If you want to do make this a goal, that is great, but really think about all your other options and interests as well before committing that this *is* what you are doing.
  5. I know I have to get a BA first, but there's nothing wrong with looking around and getting some information right ?? ;)
    Because there is a lot you have to do before you can even come to the USA from Europe. I just want some info about various schools, better now than too late...
  6. You are required to have a Bachelors. There is generally a Very small percentage of international students in the classes, mainly because of the language barrier and how incredibly tough law school is in the US. A JD (what the American students do in order to take the bar) is another 3 years about your Bachelors.

    Most international students get a LLM. It is only one year; the courses aren't are gruelling; and you get special assistance with languages. I believe you can also opt to take the bar after.

    The JD program is pretty much the same at every law school... but LLM programs vary by a lot. Are you thinking about going to get a BA in the US? Or will you stay in the Netherlands for university? If you attend university here, that will set you up for the JD. If you stay in the Netherlands, you would go for the LLM.... you may choose to do the JD anyway, but that would be very tough and unusual.
  7. So are you seeking information on good undergrad schools to prepare you for great law schools?

  8. @ Georgetown U in DC if you go to the undergraduate school and do really well, you can apply to their law school and be exempted from taking the LSAT!! you should definitely look into that.
  9. Are you sure you want to go to law school in the US? You would have to practice law in the US. It doesn't direct translate overseas. Also, you would need to get a BA or BS degree first. I know schools in Europe allow you to go directly, but not in the US. I have international friends who went to law school in their countries and then to a LLM program.

    I would concentrate on going to law school in the region I want to practice law in. Very few schools are internationally renowned enough where it would help you to get a job just by going to that school. These would be schools like Harvard or Yale.

    For US law school admission, undergrad grades count about 33%, LSAT about 33% and the rest counts 33%. It is quite numerically based, in comparison to the other grad schools.
  10. I think your best bet is to either go to a good college in the US, get good grades, and get high LSAT scores OR go to law school directly in your country and then apply for a LLM program.
  11. Yep- you have to go to a 4 year college and get a bachelor's degree. And associates degree wont cut it. So if you want to go to law school in the US you have a ways to go!
  12. Thank you all so much for your help...