Law & Order SVU

  1. Yay! Law & Order SVU is back. I can't wait for next week's episode, it looks really good. I am mad that Olivia was re-assigned with the FBI. Meh. She should work her SVU cases! There was an interesting blog with the producer on He assures us that Olivia will return in the future and she will be around here and there. He also mentions that Elliot has yet to sign his divorce papers. Hmmm...

    Here's the link: - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  2. I love Law and Order! I'm sad she's gone too...maybe it was because they were filming while the actress was pregnant and she went on leave? Fingers crossed, I like her a lot!
  3. Olivia is gone?!!!:wtf: Noooooooo~~~~:crybaby:
  4. I tivoed last night episode, but haven't watched it yet. What?? Olivia is gone??? :crybaby:She's my favorite character!!! Oh no!!
  5. Not gone forever. She will be around here and there and back in October, per the producer's blog on
  6. Im going to miss Olivia for the next 6 episodes:crybaby:. This is going to be one boring season!,I dislike Elliot. He doesnt know what he wants,and he is an ass at times to Olivia!.

  7. Hee hee. They dislike each other in real life. Just like the stars from Will & Grace.
  8. ^^ really??? Thats all news to me! I hear Olivia doesnt like Dr.Wong (FBI guy) in real life. Any truth to that?
  9. gosh, I love this show.. it is so intense...
  10. Really? I haven't heard about that. I know for sure that Olivia and Elliot don't, I think that's why see less of them together nowadays. :crybaby:
  11. The reason why there arnt much E/O episodes is because the producers now film two episodes at the same time. Mariska & Chris are very good friends also in real life. I belive Mariska is Chris's daughters god mother..:supacool: . Im a L&O:SVU junkie :love:
  12. LOL I love this show, too!

    I love that Mariska is a BELIEVABLE female cop! I love her:smile:

  13. Exactlyyy!!!! :sad:
  14. I think that olivia wasn't around because of her pregnancy during that time..I LOVE SVU!!!!
    Another interesting thing was you hardly read about the cast in most gossip columns or least for me..then again I hardly buy tabloids....
  15. This past episode, Connie Neilson (she was the queen in Gladiator) came in as Stabler's temporary partner for six episodes.

    Did anyone else see this past episode? Wasn't it so good?