Law and Order: Los Angeles

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    I am a fan of all the L&O shows. This one premiers 9/29.

    I was so upset when they ended the original. Like SATC I think that NYC is a vital part of the show. Characters would come and go over the years but NYC was always so familiar. It will be interesting (I hope!!!) to see how it all transfers to the West Coast.
  2. I agree about missing NY. Why cut NY and then start a whole new series? I miss the old L&O NY but it never was the same after Lennie left. Hopefully LA will be at least as good as SVU.

    BTW I love your signature! Rescued pets are better than any other kind.

  3. TY! Found and Pound are the best!

    I agree --- I loved Lenny. Jesse L. Martin is HAWT!!!! I do like jeremy Sisto too,

    I am looking forward to those well written scripts and stories ripped from the headlines---LOL!!!!
  4. I'm going to give LOLA a chance too. Can't be any worse than some of the other TV out there.

    NY Mag did any article back in the spring about the demise of the original L&O and the integral part that NYC played. Found it here:
  5. I love the original L and O. I missed it after Lenny (Jerry Orback sp) died IRL. I may give LOLAa chance
  6. at least they got a solid lead actor in terrence howard for this series so it won't be a total disaster but i dunno what it is ... it's like the ENTIRE l&o franchise (svu included) has become so watered down you wouldn't even recognize it w/o the theme music & that sound effect thingy ... i just prefer to watch reruns from the '90s on TNT or whatever
  7. I absoutely love watching the old episodes. I think now, they do tooo many ripped from the headline stories.
  8. I didn't dig LOLA
  9. I am a super L&O fan, but I couldn't make it through the entire premiere episode for this show. :sad:
  10. I was hoping it would be decent but it was kind of boring. I wish they didn't cancel Law & Order. At least I still have SVU and the UK version to watch. Though the older SVU episodes from the first 5 seasons were the best. Last season, the stories were a bit bland and uninteresting.
  11. Oh well, I missed this premier too.
  12. I had trouble following it--------I think it got better during the second half. Plus I just love was good to see him. I have seen other series start out shaky and get better so I will give it some time.
  13. What?!?! The original was cancelled. Why must all good things come to an end? I thought they were just expanding. I didn't know last night was the premiere. I did watch a little of it. I really didn't care for it. It has a CSI: Miami vibe.
  14. I got that vibe, too. Like shiny and glaring....and no L&O typical signature was that?
  15. i love the original, have seen every episode many times and still find it entertaining. that said: this one didn't hold my attention very well, i got kind of bored and didn't follow it well.