Lavender, what color is this? brown/taupe or purple tones

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  1. Hello, I am new to RM, and normally buy Coach, but have just discovered these gorgeous bags. I have search and searched to find what color lavender is. Can someone tell me, is it a taupe, or does it have purple tones???
    Thank you.
  2. I love lavender, it was my first RM :smile:
    Its a mixture of brown/taupe with purple undertones. Its a nice, dark neutral color - different enough from plain brown. Alot of the pics make it appear lighter because of the flash. Lavender leather also has a nice glazed finish, making it more durable than other leathers.
  3. ^^Lol, I would actually think of it as, the oppositie... a soft lavender/taupe with brown undertones. It's a beautiful color though.. I have a lavender rocker. It's very neutral.
  4. You could be right. To me its a purply-brown - thats my technical color description, lol. I love my mini nikki in it.
  5. Thankyou for your ideas. I have seen a stud devote on sale in lavender and brown bear and almond. So my choice is between these.

    I would love a black devote as my first RM bag, but I can't seem to find one on sale and it's out of my price range. But I want the right choice for my first bag too.

    I'm in australia so I have to make my choices without seeing the colors IRL.

    Sounds like lavender would go with many colors.
  6. There is a black devote on bonanzle now, but I am not sure if they ship to australia. Also, has a pepper devote...again, not sure about international shipping.
  7. Thank you for looking for me. I didn't word it correctly I am after the stud devote, with the gold hardware. I do find most places ship here. The postage price is very expensive, but I just cant' get rebecca minkoff here. And I never see anyone carrying any here. I love to have something different than everyone else.
  8. I think I might take the leap and get the lavender, It's on sale for less than $400 at bluefly. The only black stud ones I can see are about $700. I think I narrowly missed a black at saks, they only have brown left. So lavender it is...
  9. I think you will be happy with Lavendar :yes:
  10. My lavender MAM was my first RM and it's a gorgeous color IRL! A great neutral. Here is a pic of my MAM taken with flash. Actual color is a bit darker.

  11. i love love love the has tempted me many times...i just cant do light am so scared to get them dirty...
  12. #12 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    Thanks for advice everyone, and thank you for posting pics, it is gorgeous. Makes my decision easier.

    Ok, I just went to order it and it is sold out! Was not meant to be then. And I will continue my search for a black one.

    Thank you all for your help.
  13. I wanted to get the studded Lavender Devote but was told Lavender is stiffer & would not smoosh as nicely on a bag like the Devote. I eventually got a Black Studded one. The leather was gorgeously pebbly. Asteralice has good rates for intl shipping for sale items, there is also a code now for 40% off RM IIRC. You might want to check what Devotes they have now.