Lavender sachets

  1. Just wondering if the Hermes lavender sachets are an effective moth-deterrent. I'd hate to one day find my silk or cashmere scarves with moth holes in them. How many would I need, per square metre? Lol! Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit technical but how many do u generally throw around in a cupboard, for eg?

    If find these sachets not really effective, pls share which methods you employ to ward off moths.:flowers:
  2. Serentity Now,

    One of my hobbies is growing herbs. Lavender or any strong smelling herb is a natural moth deterrent. Place one per ever 3 feet of space ( or 1 meter).

    You can also try cloves, southerwood, santolina, or rosemary. Just find a scent that pleases you.
  3. Thanks, QM! I love the smell of lavender so I think I'll get some of those Hermes sachets.
  4. SN, they're also supposed to be good for stress relief. :yes:
  5. Nothing Hermes is good for stress relief, Kou.....LOL!!!
  6. Hehehe!!! I concur, K! I'm only more grey since loving H. For stress relief, I should buy a whole jar of lavender oil and drench my bed with it, lol! That's the only way I'm gonna sleep at nite and not stay up deciding what bloody colour wallet, etc. to get, lol!
  7. I agree w/ GF! As for moths, I have some lovely cedar balls in my cashmere drawer...
  8. Haha! True true ... ^^ I think I've stressed over Hermes way too much what with all the nightmares and what not ... (had another one the other night)

  9. I use cedar balls too!
  10. Cedar balls here, too. (and NOT my DH....)
  11. *H* sells lavender sachets?? How do they differ from any other lavender sachet?

    I keep all my cashmere and wool sweaters in a cedar chest, and I put cedar blocks in my closets (can't stand the smell of mothballs). I keep all my *H* scarves in their boxes stacked in one of my closets. I haven't seen any moths (knocks wood), but maybe I should add a few lavender sachets, too for good measure.

  12. Bad news folks! I went to the store to buy some of these lavender sachets. Apparently, they are a discontinued item. If you see them, snag them.
  13. ^^^ Really HG?? I'm lucky then, I just received one from our much loved Shopmom!!:yahoo:
  14. ^^^Yes, Duna, indeed you are lucky. I just had the store do a countrywide search and was told the unfortunate news.
  15. ^^ Oh NO! This is awful news! I was hoping my store would soon receive these, so I can buy them as gifts!

    shoes, thanks for much for the one you gave me!