lavender rosemary

  1. hey girls i returned my unused lavender rosemary today after seeing the chocolate version which i loved and thought it would be more beneficial to me. i did love the lavender but thought it was a seasonal colour and having paid a high price for it didn't think it would get the use it deserved.
    i did ask however in the outlet where i purchased why it was the lavender fit on my arm similar to the ledbury and why the choc version didn't. i was told that the lavender could be a sample made for the outlets only giving a bit more extra strap length and the chocolate would be standard mulberry spec. has anyone heard this before ? opinions greatly received on colour or spec query
    have i made the right choice? x :okay:
  2. That's interesting, I don't know any of the answers but I just bought a Lavender Rosemary and am having doubts as to when i'll ever use it. How much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking?
  3. That's a shame Audrey, I'm definitely gonna use mine just as soon as the weather warms up a fact I'm already planning outfits and things that it will look good with :lol:
  4. Maybe I just can't imagine it will ever warm up again, seems to be permanently dark and freezing cold up here. Am sure if spring ever comes and i'm not always dressed in black i'll find something that matches. I'm just getting the feeling that this bag didn't sell that well and that makes me paranoid that everyone else hated it.
  5. But, on the other hand, loads of people have an oak Bayswater or a choccy Roxanne, so I'm happy to be a bit different :smile:

    Chocco would definitely be easier to work though, much more versatile.
  6. Hi i paid £247 in the sale at the outlet store soon to be £346 though x
  7. rrp £495