Lavender purple RM Morning After Mini

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  2. gorgeous color! i just ordered mine in "evergreen"'s a glazed deep emerald green color...your's is gorgeous!!!! did you know that there's a code right now for a discount?
  3. Gung, the lavender is so pretty. Are u thinking of possibly getting one?

    I love all the new spring colors and the new studded line...! The lavendar and the yellow are so Easter and lovely but I am afraid to get them due to possible stains. I think my fave is the midnight...what a pretty color!
  4. WHERE????
  5. I think it's cute, but still loving my Purple MAM lol
  6. Wow, I am loving those spring delicate and feminine, yet edgy with the studs!
  7. RM experts/fans:

    Can someone pls tell me more about this color or post a picture? What type of leather texture is it? Is it still available on any bags? THanks!
  8. i think if you search tpf you might be able to find a few things...some tpfers have lavender MAMs. they are on the rarer spectrum of RM tho.
  9. Here's a picture! I believe it's a nice soft pebbley leather. This MAM was made for the resort 07 collection. There's also a matinee.

  10. I owned a lavender mam and the leather was super soft like a baby's bottom! It's thick and slightly pebbly. I found it to be a little high maintenance though for me. The color is much nicer IMHO than the stock picture depicts too. It's got a slight grayish tone in it which makes it feminine yet not "Barbie" if that make sense! It and saddle are 2 of the softest RM leathers I have ever felt.

    ETA: Thought I'd explain my Barbie comment. I tend to like pastels yet I like them to be grown up rather than juvenile, kwim? This lavender shade has a sophisticated grown up look and is feminine so is not a childish crayon looking lavender. I hope my explanation makes sense and has not bored you to tears! LOL!
  11. I think this color is gorgeous! There was one on the bay not long ago and the leather looked so yummy in her pics.
  12. I am by no means an RM expert, but I do own a lavender MAM! I think the leather is sooo smooshy and soft... definitely one of the softest leathers I've ever felt! I personally don't think the pictures from LB are an accurate representation of its color. It's a little darker and almost greyish. I tend to wear it a lot with grey clothing because it matches so well. Hope this helps!
  13. sorry for posting the same picture that was already posted...I didn't even know this was an old post! I was replying to ivysun without seeing the rest :blush:
  14. hi ivysun,

    The Rose is still available in a lilac/violet combo (PrincessShan has a thread with some pics on it not too long ago)'s lovely, and is on sale at JC Madison right now...if you use the "toutie" code you can get an extra 10% off sale price!,2769.html

    I :heart: this color combo on this bag!
  15. It wasn't you manderz, :smile:, Swanky helped us merge some duplicate threads so when you replied it was a new post!