lavender of amethyst david yurman?

  1. does anyone have either an amethyst or lavender david yurman ring? i cant decide between the colors? thanks!
  2. I had a David Yurman diamond albion 11mm ring in lavender amethyst, I love the lavender color! I think its much prettier then regualr amtheyst but thats just my opinion...I Loved the color and how it reflects a lot of light! The size was too large on my very small hands so I ended up getting a rare Yurman pink tourmaline diamond capri ring instead! aside from pink tourmaline, laveder amethyst is my favorite of Yurman's stones!
  3. ^thanks so much!
  4. I love his rings, and I think the color is gorgeous. I think it's important to make sure that it'll be something that you'll be able to always wear. I love his jewelry and I'm planning on getting a ring but I haven't decided which one or which color because I don't like taking my jewelry off so I'd want to be able to wear it constantly without feeling gaudy.
  5. ^yeah im planning on getting the 11mm albion w/o diamonds for everyday wear, i also really like prasiolite, haha i still dont know
  6. I've had this one for several years. Love it!!!! :heart: I *think* its the lavendar one, because that's lighter, right?

    David Yurman rings.JPG
  7. ^^ I though the lavender was even lighter than that. DBF just got me three pieces of DY today (my first!) in amethyst, and the color is a lot like what you have here. It's a very deep, rich purple. I love it. The lavender is probably the more unique of the two shades of purple. I only chose traditional amethyst, because I love deep, rich purples.
  8. wow cosmo! beautiful collection, thanks for a picture of the amethyst, that helps a lot