Lavender Medium Balenciaga..!!

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Apr 9, 2008
New York
Hey everyone! i'm new to the purse forum, trying to find my way around and read up on how to check if whatever is fake/real etc. Am thinking of buying my first balenciaga and was just googling for fun and came across this one! I think lavender is a really old color (im thinking of buying electricblue!!) but was wondering if this is authentic. Any help? I can't quitefigureout how to see it yet! Also was warned that 2nd hand bags, the leather might be really destryoed and thati wont be able to tell on these pictures. (a friend of mine says her old balenciaga's leather is really.. not so good anymore but u can't see it):shrugs:


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Jan 26, 2008
Miami, FL
Hi and Welcome!

This bag is authentic and has been authenticated in our forum. But next time, please post any authentication questions/concerns in "Authenticate This". It is under "Balenciaga Shopping".

Thanks and good luck in your will absolutely love Bal!!!
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