Lavender Matinee

  1. When you go to, there's a photo of a lavender matinee. Is that for Spring '08? I haven't seen it anywhere, and I NEED to get my grubby little hands on it!
  2. I tried! Label360 and Luna Boston couldn't order it for me. I think this is a mythical bag, like the silver mirror MA.
  3. I think it is going to be in the second part of the Spring collection, but Im not sure.
  4. Does anyone know if the hardware will be silver or gold on this one?
  5. It looks silver in the pic. But the website says it was from 2007 Resort?
  6. ^Really! Thats interesting. Someone should call the head honcho and ask!
  7. Hey ladies,

    remember the lavender matinee on the RM website in the shots of the spring collection? Was that ever sold anywhere? I have never seen it for sale on any website. Anyone have this bag?
  8. Riley, I don't recall seeing that ever?! Are you sure it wasn't the violet with lilac matinee?
  9. Hey Desi, yeah, it was a lavender one. IT was a BEAUTY! Light/pastel purple. Very Eastery-ish/Spring-ish. It used to be pictured on the main RM page.

    Anyone else remember this???
  10. I remember it... it does exist!! I have never seen any other PFers post it though...
  11. I remember it, but now it might just be a group hallucination we all had! I've never seen it actually available anywhere.
  12. It wasn't an hallucination! That bag triggered my RM fixation. It was part of last winter's Resort collection. I've never seen it anywhere but the RM website. Maybe RM only made a few.
  13. Darn I wanna see it!!!
  14. it DID exist! i remember emails a looong time ago from Luna B. and they were supposed to exist. I think she said something about them stopping production of it. Let me look through my old emails!
  15. That bag was so nice and spring-like! Maybe it'll be at the sample sale!