Lavender From Amazon Collection

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  1. Hello! Just wondered if anyone has purchased or found the lavender Amazon collection in the stores? I usually do not puchase in pastel shades, but would like this color for a specific coat.

    Any feedback!
  2. Lavender what? What style bag or is that the style?
  3. I have seen them at the outlet.
  4. Hello! Sorry for the lack of info. When you go to the D&B site, pick the leather collections, Amazon is one of the collections. There are a few cross body and satchel styles which come with lavender as a color selection.

    I am curious about the color in person, not as much about the color in a specific style. Sometimes color comes across funny on my screen, so I wondered if anyone could describe it better after making a purchase or seeing it in stores. Someone must like it because it sold out in the two cross body styles. I had hoped someone at PF had made a purchase.

    Thanks to the two ladies who rsponded to my initial question.

    Not sure about screen but this is very true on my screen of the color.
  6. Thanks RebeccaJ! Will take a chance and order. Hey, I can send it back if the shade is off. Lavender is such a strange color, could end up being too pink or too blue.

    Probably, why I have never ordered D&B bags other than the standard navy, black, chestnut to natural, or red. After reading this...I sure sound boring!

  7. Not at all :smile: you just know what you like. I tend to do the same. Then I realize, hey all my bags are the same few colors. I need to branch out a bit :smile:
  8. My favorite saying in all things. The heart wants what the heart wants.