Lavender East West or Silver Luxury Linge Flap

  1. Hi Everyone, I want to get another chanel and I cant decide which one to get. I love silver and purple and both those bags. I cant decide help!!!
  2. get both. :smile:
  3. haha i will but which one first
  4. I haven't seen lavendar before....are you meaning purple? It's a tough call, I really like both. The silver one is larger though....the e/w is really small.
  5. yep i mean purple oops

  6. that's you carry a lot of stuff? If so I would go for the silver one....
  7. not really, both bags would be big enough for me just not sure which one would be better for daily wear.
  8. I love the purple one!! If it's big enough, I would say go for it!
  9. The purple is soooooo beautiful!
  10. Definitely the silver flap. I had one and it was really wonderful!!