lavender blue, yellow or white?

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  1. i need to make up my mind;) my boyfriend is buying me one so which one should i buy for myself? so i can have my SA put me on the list..
  2. yellow!!!
  3. Of what? A jumbo? Or?
  4. Which style?
  5. Yellow
  6. which bag?
  7. all three!! haha just kidding... kind of :biggrin:

    they are all special colors this season. does one just make your heart flutter? for me, it is the yellow. others, it is the lavender. i haven't seen *too* much buzz on the white though yet.

    good luck! what a nice present :love: from a wonderful boyfriend!
  8. As much as I love yellow and the pop of color it offers- I would suggest blue:smile: I think you will get the most use from this color. I think the white is going to be beautiful, but probably my 3rd choice. Good luck:graucho:
  9. One fr your bf and one by yourself?

    Then get all except white ;)
  10. lavender sounds lovely!