LAVANILLA Healthy Deoderant?

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  1. Has anyone tried this?

    I've been apprehensive about deoderant (although I still use it every day, I promise! :P) since hearing about the issues associated with certain ingredients. I heard that LAVANILLA is the only one that is actually clinical strength and all natural.

    Has anyone used it? Is it any good at controlling wetness? I heard a lot of complaints that natural deoderants just don't do the job.
  2. I have not used it, but have read a few reviews that say that they like it as a deoderant, but not so much as an antiperspirant. But all of the reviewers also said that this new "feeling" (I'm guessing they are referring to not being dry) is something that takes some getting used to but once you do you're good to go. HTH.
  3. Hmm-I'm really more concerned about getting something that is a good antipersperant rather than something that just makes me smell better. Thanks for the tip! That's really good to know.
  4. I've recently purchased this product and have been using it for 3 days. It keeps odor at bay, but is not great for wetness - at least in my situation. I'm more concerned with odor and i like to wear white shirts. So it was my understanding that deoderant does not cause yellow stains under the armpits of white garments. I'll have to report on that later as i've bought all new white shirts. After i've shaved my underarms and have applied this product, it kind of gives a stinging sensation, but not painful. I'm kind of sensitive to begin with, but it's not horrible. So far I think it's worth the $$.
  5. where do you buy the product?
  6. ^^I have seen it at Sephora
  7. I ordered it from Sephora, but have seen it in the store as well. It's $18.
  8. I have used that one, and Tom's of Maine. They do a decent job at odor protection, but you might have to reapply once or twice on a hot day. :oh: In my opinion most natural deodorants don't do a very good job at wetness protection. I dunno what to do about this since I tend to be allergic to the aluminum used in regular deodorants!
  9. natural deodorants dont do a good job of preventing wetness because they are deodorants. they are just for the purpose of making your sweat smell nice. they are not antiperspirants. antiperspirants use some form of aluminum, which is what people are concerned about being unsafe (people think it can travel to your brain and cause cancer and other problems), to block the pores in your pits.