Laurie Solet Really knows how to please a customer!

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  1. I just had to share the great customer service I received from the boutique, Laurie Solet (

    I ordered a pair of Cydney Mandel silk mules from her yesterday. They were incredibly priced and I had a Toutie coupon for 15% off. So I ordered them.

    Today I got an email from Laurie saying that she just got a new puppy and there are slight bite marks on the heels of the mules, so she's just going to send them to me no charge--no charge for shipping too--she just hopes I'll shop at the boutique again.

    Now that's customer service. This lady knows customer service! :flowers:

    So as a service to her, I'm posting the website. Give her a try. She's got some really cute clothes and fabulous bags and shoes, and the prices are great.
  2. She gave you the shoes for free??
  3. Yeah! Can you believe it! :blink:
  4. woah that was nice of her

    i probly would've been happy to pay a reduced amoutn for slightly chewed shoes
  5. That was wonderful. We have to check out the site.
  6. Now that is great customer service!!!
  7. I bought a Kooba Tatum from her. I called in my order. Wonderful Lady who liked to talk handbags. I got my purse in 2 days! Awesome to deal with.
    Starting the 15th is the 50-75% off sale. Just got a Postcard.
  8. Oh that's great! She is a really nice lady and a class act!
  9. Wow...just hearing that makes me want to shop with her! Awesome customer service :smile:
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