Lauren's (from the Hills) pink balenciaga - real or fake?

  1. Sorry for the blurry images; they're screen shots. I know its probably a little hard to tell but is Lauren's pink balenciaga real? I've heard conflicting things in different forums...



    What do you all think? Real or fake?
  2. I cant' tell from the pics but I'm going to take a stab & say it's the real thing. With her working at Vogue & in the fashion industry, I would hope she would have the originals:amuse:
  3. Just curious as to why you might think it was possibly fake in the first place. I don't know diddly about Balenciaga. Is there something off about the bag? :huh:
  4. 2 reasons I think it might be fake:

    1) She had a fake coach during season 1 of Laguna Beach (and her family is well off so it's not like she couldn't afford a real coach. She also may have carried a fake LV papillion

    2) Also, I read in another forum that balenciaga stopped using the silver/gunmetal hardware after their 2003 collections in favor of brass hardware & lauren's bag is a 2004 color, but it has silver hardware. I was wondering if there is any truth to that because I'm not really a balenciaga expert.
  5. i think it has to be real bc she is working for a fashion mag and have you seen her house? obviously she can afford a real one... i am going to go with yes its real
  6. Hard to tell from the pictures. It looks like her tassles have started to split. My b-bag has done that as well.
  7. I vote real, family well off and seemingly very fashion oriented
  8. should post in the balenciaga subforum and one of the experts will be able to tell us right away!
    but yea.. tassles look like they've split.
  9. LOL you posted this on LJ, right?
    Ummm I haven't seen the videos yet. The pics make it really hard to tell. But I did find that MTV had some videos with the balenciaga there. I just want to see the one where she is moving it around like in the first pic.

    Anyhow, I'll post when I figure it out :huh:
  10. I wouldn't be suprised if it wasn't real. It could just be a Besso. Out of all the people from Laguna, LC didnt seem like she bought alot of expensive things.
    I still like the bag though... I'm looking for one in that color.
  11. Nice color bag...
  12. I think it's real. I remember the fake coach thing...

    what day/time is the hills on? I love LC, I want to watch her show!

  13. Oh now I'm so curious to know if it's real. Maybe you should post in the Balenciaga subforum (or have it moved)?:shrugs:
  14. She also had a fake gucci and a fake chanel as well. So who knows? It could be fake...:shocked:
  15. i thought the same thing when i saw that episode. what color is that, bubblegum pink?