Lauren Moshi!

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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    Sorry, I just have to gush for a bit. :P

    I :heart::heart: Lauren Moshi tees! And I LOOOVE their customer service!! I've been buying stuff straight from their site ( for almost a year now... and have always gotten prompt, super friendly responses from Michael (Lauren's brother), or Leslie (their associate). Usually once the designers start going more mainstream, everybody gets overwhelmed, and the cs starts going down the tube (even though I :heart: Rebecca Minkoff, I'm thinking of her website)... but cs is still superb at Lauren Moshi! I'm impressed by that. :yes:

    Revolve just got some new stuff in today ( so that's what started my Lauren Moshi kick again. :biggrin: I ordered the pansies tee, and then a teddy bear tee and an orchid tee from!

    Is there anyone else out there who's a LM fan? :smile:

    Oh, and could anyone tell me how the tanks fit?? I only have the long sleeved and short sleeved tees... but the tanks caught my eye, I'm just not sure how the spandex/cotton blend will look.
  2. I'm interested to know as well! How are the fit of the tees? And what material are they made of?
  3. The 100% cotton tees (w/short and long sleeves) fit great... not too snug, giving some room in the stomach, but still attractively form fitting. I'm not crazy about the micro modal swing tees - they make me look pregnant. :P I know you're supposed to wear them with skinny jeans or something, but I'm not a skinny jeans kind of gal.

    I'll post a pic of my two fave tees when I get home from work. :smile:
  4. ^^ Thanks, dear! Yeah I was just looking at some online boutiques and I, too, am not liking the swing tees. The prints are so pretty though!
  5. I just bought my first Lauren Moshi - the white rose tank. I absolutely love it! The material is soft and stretchy and the fit is SOO flattering. I feel like such a rock star in it. I haven't tried any of her 100% cotton tees, so I can't say how the tanks fit relative to those. My tank fit pretty TTS - I usually wear an XS, sometimes a S, and I got an XS.
  6. I'll try to get a chance to post pics of the tees tonight! I got my pansies one from Revolve and :heart: it! :smile:
  7. i love lauren moshi! however the 2nd one i ordered from revolve is much longer and larger than the first one! the only thing im not happy with is the consistency in sizing.
  8. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to do this!! I'll try to either do it Wed or Fri... I'm back to the school/work thing and it's sapping all my time (and energy) :tdown:

    Should be getting the teddy bear and orchid shirt from LM pretty soon, so I can post those too!
  9. They run a little big. I purchased a couple of the tee's from Bloomingdales. IMO, get the shirts, not the tanks...the tanks fit funny... (short & wide)
  10. pics?
  11. love lauren moshi too! Love the new camelia prints~

    Does anyone have any of the swing tees? I feel comfy in the size S cause I like them fitting comfy, so should I take S in the swing tee also? Or would that be to huge?
  12. I am curious how these fit too. I am dying to order one of her tees. Anyone know how the swing tees fit. And also the boyfriend tees?
  13. I'd love to know about fit as well - I love the Love Potion side tie tank, and the black Love Potion tote would be perfect as a summer carry all...
  14. I just ordered the love potion boyfriend tee. Can't wait to get it. That print is just too cute!
  15. i love my lauren moshi wrap thing i bought... i always get compliments on it everytime i wear it (its from a few seasons back i think).