Lauren Merkin?

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  1. Anyone know of any Lauren Merkin sales/sample sales coming up? Thanks!
  2. I believe that the last one was in March and I don't think there will be another one until late Fall, somewhere around then. Sorry!
  3. She normally has them in December, March and August. Last year it was august 15th or so. You can call their NYC store towards the end of June to find out exactly when it will be.
  4. does she really have them in August? I never knew that!
  5. Thanks!
  6. yup she has them in august:yahoo::yahoo:I am holding out for it! I'll let everyone know when i get exact dates for it.

  7. dear~ is there any update as to when there may be an online sale?

    i am totally lusting over the Eve clutch....:heart:

    any info is greatly appreciated!
  8. I would just check any smaller boutiques that carry her bags. They are fabulous!
  9. I got this email today. Wish I could go. Her bags are great.

    <!-- ******************************************************************--><!-- ************************* HEY LAUREN *****************************--><!-- put the copy here,
    means "carrige return", preview in browser--><!-- ******************************************************************--><!-- ******************************************************************-->AUG 14-16
    11 am - 7pm

    231 WEST 29TH ST SUITE 201
    212 239 2459

    no checks please.
  10. Nice! Thanks!
  11. I just bought the Eve clutch in Midnight off of her website. It was 50% off. I hope I like it!
  12. i would suggest going early in the morning or afternoon. Once it gets towards the end of the day they don't replenish what is there, they wait till the next day to refill. Well, that is what they did last time :smile:
  13. nice!
  14. has anyone visited the lauren merkin sample sale yet? i know it started at 11 today - was wondering if anyone went and how was it? i'm planning to go after work ...