Lauren Merkin Sample Sale

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  1. DEC 4-6
    11 am - 7 pm

    231 WEST 29TH ST SUITE 201
    212 239 2459

    no checks please.
    sorry, we are unable to take phone orders

    I'm going to need to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all these sales!
  2. Thanks for posting! Does anyone know how much the discount will be?
  3. Yayyyy! I have been waiting and waiting for this sample sale for MONTHS! It looks like between this and HH I will not be going to class on Thursday morning...
  4. Thanks for posting! I know what you mean - - running out of room in my planner, but running out of energy to shlep to sales.
  5. ANOTHERRRRR one? I didn't know it was more than once a year.....

    Don't know the discounts although last sample sale, most of the Eve's were $90, there were some irregular items (Charlotte, etc.) for $65. The Louise satin woven clutches were $70-75 and the Eve woven satin clutches were $60. They also had a bargain bin and on the last two days they were down to $10-25 but i think some were damaged.

    Thanks for posting and YEAH i totally agree - it gets especially tiresome in the winter time to go to all these sample sales. my desk calendar is completely marked in bright red for the next few weeks...
  6. I went last year and there were also a lot of handbags discounted probably around 50%. If you're looking for one of her classic items, there aren't much. For clutches, there were a ton of woven and fabric by the time I went, which was on the first day in the afternoon, but no really classic ones (e.g., basic black, pale gold). But on the plus side, it was well organized and not crowded.
  7. ok,ladies. who is going tomorrow?
  8. ME! I am skipping my 10:30 class so I can be at the Lauren Merkin SS right when it opens! I have been waiting for this sale for MONTHS!

    And then I will walk my clutch-endowed tushy over to the HH sale - luckily, they're right next to each other.:yahoo:
  9. Post reports as soon as you can. I'm stuck downtown until 4ish.
  10. I am totally there! I'm looking for this cute crotcheted Eve I kicked myself for not getting last time. The bargain bin was ehhh, but I did get the canvas Darling for 90% off ($25).
  11. this is in nyc?
  12. Yep...I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning too!!
  13. Yep, NYC!
  14. I'll be there after 4. Nothing makes me happier than an SS. :smile:
  15. Did anyone go? And what were the deals like?