Lauren Merkin Sample Sale 8/15-8/17 NYC

  1. [​IMG]
    11 am - 7pm

    231 WEST 29TH ST SUITE 201
    212 239 2459​
    payment accepted:
    cash, amex, visa, mastercard, discover
    (no checks please)

  2. Sweet! Hope they have some nice clutches. Thanks for posting.
  3. Anyone in NYC should go. Super cute stuff. Here's the booty I got:


    Top left to Bottom right: Black Louise textured Lamb, Cognac Louise in Lamb, Retro Stripe Eve in Silk, Burnished Gold perforated lamb Eve.

    Louises: 100$
    SIlk bag - 60$
    Gold EVE - 90$
  4. Good deals. Congrats.
  5. Thinking of going Thursday - did they have this bag (for those who went?) The Plum Tote? :smile:
  6. I was looking for the PLUM tote as well but by the time I made it there after work today, they had only one large plum tote in pink suede left (I didn't really like the material) and a small plum tote in bronze which was already in the arms of a lady waiting in line to check-out. I asked one of the sales ladies about whether they'll be re-stocking tomorrow, and she said that yes they're re-stocking some of the clutches, but no more Plum totes -- there were only very few (samples) to start with this morning, mostly in the bronze color from last season(& I guess also suede).....didn't sound like they had any in the cognac, black, or taupe colors I was looking for.
  7. oh! i wished they had this in chicago! :sad: great bags sleepyjae
  8. Thanks for the info about the Plum Tote. Sometimes you really have
    to be the first in line to get what you want at these things.
    Darn my full-time job and not working in the city :sad:
  9. oohh...I just saw this thread now...I''m going to see Justin Timberlake tonight at MSG and I'm grabbing dinner near there. I don't think I can buy a bag and bring it into MSG but there's always tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the pix, love all of your bags! I esp. like the Gold Eve - did they have more in stock? Did you get dustbags too?
  11. This thread is from last year's sale.
  12. is this sale only in nyc or is it thru the website too?
  13. Online they have the Eve Metallic clutch in Fig for $90. Originally was $180. That's the only bag I saw online on sale :sad: