Lauren Merkin Plum

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  1. I desperately want this bag but can't find anything (inside pictures, descriptions,etc) about it. Also, I fear that it will become very dated looking. Also, what will it look like crammed with all my junk - bulky and pouchy??? Does anyone have this bag or have some thoughts on it? Thanks

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  2. Oooh I love this bag. Is that pic from Shop Bop? I know it was on, check there for more description. I know that J Simpson has it too, there are some pics on
  3. Yes, it is from shopbop. I've been everywhere. I want to see the inside. For some reason, I find it very painful to purchase a purse online unless I can at least glimpse at the inside. It is unfortunate that Jessica has this bag, but it doesn't diminish its beauty.
  4. Hmmm, I buy so many bag w/o seeing the interior, it doeesn't bother me, as long as they have a good return policy-it's definitely a big bag though Good Luck!
  5. There goes that great color again! OMG I want a bag that color so bad :[

    Hope you find more pictures. If you do, share! lol.
  6. Try calling ShopBop's customer service. I've called them in the past about things, and they were really helpul. Good luck!
  7. I've been looking for someone who sells the pink version. It is such a cute bubble gum like pink.
  8. whate about other sites that sell her i think active endeavors ?!
  9. I think I've looked EVERYWHERE. The only place I've seen it is on her website :sad2:
  10. I love the color of that bag.:love:
  11. I saw a slightly shorter version of this Lauren Merkin bag at BagShop Petticoat Lane (in the actual NYC store, not sure if it's actually on I think the one I looked at was a dark brown color. The leather on that bag was gorgeous & it looked great when I tried it on. I was actually thinking about getting it....but held-off as I'm saving up for another major purchase.

    Anyway, if I recall correctly, the interior lining was a colorful fabric lining -- like fabric lining in some Bulga bags (if you know what I mean).
  12. Love that bag...def gonna look into it some more!

    NM, BG, BagShop, and FengJunk both have it for less than shopbop. I'm pretty sure there are coupons floating around for FengJunk somehwere too.
  13. I just bought the smaller verions from Fengjunk...see my thread here:

    I used a 15% off coupon: Stylebakery. They also have free shipping. And they have your bag =) Happy shopping!

    Oh, and I couldn't find any pics of the inside, but some article mentioend that the insides were very colorful... sorry, that's the best I can do. I can post mine when it gets here, but it's the smaller version so I wouldn't know if it was different.
  14. Yeaaahhh. I love interior shots. I saw the inside of the Bulga tote someone had post on the WTS sub-forum and thought that it would be nice if the Lauren Merkin would look similar. My HH hobo still has not come so...I have loved this bag for about two months now. Maybe the time has come to cancel the HH hobo, put aside the Anna Corinna saddlebag and take a plunge into what I would consider the "getting to be pretty expensive" bag world. Will talk to my HH SA in St. Louis tomorrow.
  15. Can anyone update me on how this bag looks in person? Is it worth $575 for the large size?!? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!