Lauren Merkin Plum deals??

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  1. I'm specifically looking for one in black. Thanks!!!!
  2. has the Lauren Merkin Plum in black on sale.

    The current price is $476. However, if you use the code "toutie50" you will get 50% off of that price with free shipping to boot!! All sales are final. Your final price will be $238......I just tried it and it worked!

    check out Toutie! Chloe, Siwy, Isabella Fiore
  3. The large is really really big. You may be looking for the medium(smaller) one which I also have been for months. Just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't aware that 2 sizes exist.
  4. I saw the bags in person a while ago at a boutique (they're long gone from there.) The bag looked MUCH better in the medium size than in the large. The medium size was the original and them Merkin supersized it to follow the mega tote trend. The plum bag did not translate well to the larger size IMHO.
  5. Yes... I am looking for the medium. had it on sale and I missed out. Was hoping you guys knew of another site that had a deal...
    Thanks anyway!!
  6. fengjunk still has this bag in black and taupe.
  7. Use code - Grechen - for 20% off and free shipping on

    They have the marine and taupe plum available. The marine is so pretty.
  8. I am also looking for the medium Plum in black and cannot find it anywahere that has a code. has it but I haven't seen a code? Have you seen a code or another site that has this bag?