Lauren Merkin Large Plum bag

  1. I've been wanting this bag for a long while but haven't made the splurge. I have seen it IRL on someone else's shoulder which made me more confident of the size.

    If you have this bag, what do you think of it? How has it held up? How is the leather? How do you like the interior lining?

    Thanks a bunch for helping out!
  2. I think it is so pretty.
  3. It's a really nice bag. Hope you get it.
  4. It's beautiful! Please post pics if you get it. I'd love to see it IRL.
  5. I ordered the bag from Neimans. As soon as I received the bag, I returned it that very same day. The leather is not good and the color reminded me of an elephant's skin. The lining is very grandma-ish. It is totally NOT worth the money. I ended up getting the Gustto Setela instead.