Lauren Merkin Eve clutch - pics

  1. I purchased a couple on sale on her website, and I thought I'd post the pics, since there was some question as to what they looked like IRL. I bought one in "metallic fig" and one in "navy." The fig is not so purple in person as the pic -- it has a browner tone. The leather is very soft and it's well made. The lining is cute, pink metallic striping. One drawback is that I feel the clutch is a little small -- I think the Louise might be a more useful size. I'm holding on to these to give as birthday gifts for a couple of friends. I might look out for a Louise for myself.
    lm_eve1.jpg lm_eve2.jpg lm_eve3.jpg
  2. congrats on your finds! I bought the same ones as well. did you get to use the 25% off coupon? It was such a great deal!:p
  3. Yes -- the daily candy coupon? -- It made the final purchase price unbelievable!
  4. How's the leather? Is it soft?
  5. Very soft! Nice!
  6. Thanks. I've been eyeing them for a while now. I think I will finally take the plunge. hehe.
  7. Love them!
  8. I got an Eve clutch with 25% off also. A brown color. It's cute but went into the gift drawer--I carry too much. I really like LM's bags for the price.