Lauren Merkin clutches - opinions please

  1. I need a versatile black clutch for weddings and evenings out that I can use for years and years. I am checking out some of Lauren Merkin's and wanted your expert opinions.

    Eve or Louise?

    Eve is 9.5in wide x 4.5in tall
    Louise is 14in wide x 7in tall

    Woven Leather or Solid Lambskin?


  2. I have two, both Louise, and I absolutely love them. I think it depends on how much you need to fit in it. The Louise holds quite a bit, cell, cigs and lighter, cc's and basic make up so you can also use it as an everyday bag.
  3. I think they are nice. Classic enough to last for years!! :smile: Both are nice, I guess it depends on your style. More sophisticated or edgy fun!!

    Any one you choose, I think will be great! :smile: Enjoy!
  4. both are really nice, imo!
    the woven leather is a bit more current than the regular leather, but they are still both classics.
  5. get eve in solid lambskin. :smile:
  6. they're beautiful, i'm in love with the tourquoise one....
    i'd choose the Solid Eve as an evening bag!!!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  7. I'd also go w/ the Eve in solid lambskin. The Louise is a tad big for evening wear IMO.
  8. Eve with solid lambskin. Very pretty.