lauren merkin clutches....any good deals??

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  1. i'm hoping to find a killer deal on a lauren merkin clutch...preferably the eve or the louise. anyone have anything other than 25% off?? that's the best i've found so far :smile:
  2. not sure where you are located but their holiday sample sale in NYC is next week dec 5-7
  3. i think summerblu has a 40% off code through today but they only have a few colors
  4. If you are in the NYC area, there is typically a Lauren Merkin sample sale twice (or perhaps thrice) a year.

    I picked up a black leather Louise clutch at the last sample sale for $80.
  5. freckles, any idea what the code is?? that would be awesome!
  6. OMG, i would LOVE that....but i'm on the other coast.

    i wonder if they take phone orders. if anyone's going, maybe they could PM me??
  7. Check I think they had some of her bags on sale.
  8. it's "black" and it ends tonight.
  9. woo hoo!!!! thanks so much freckles....i got her the bronze...i hope she loves it!
  10. Here's the address for the sample sale
    11 am - 7pm

    231 WEST 29TH ST SUITE 201
    212 239 2459
  11. soo cute, jadejett! i want it for ME!!! :smile: lol...i'm the worst xmas shopper ever.

    thanks for the heads-up!!
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