Lauren Merkin bags

  1. I'm curious about the leather on Lauren Merkin bags; really, the quality in general. Can anyone who owns one/has seen one IRL let me know what they think? Thanks!!
  2. i have the dylan messenger but haven't had it for very long, so i can't speak to the longevity of it, but i find the leather to be very high quality. mine is distressed leather, so it looks almost like suede. it's very lightweight...
  3. I have a patent clutch, lovely squishy soft leather. Beautiful lining. Seems to be well made. Haven't used her much, since it's a clutch, so can't speak for longterm quality.
  4. I have a large Plum. To be perfectly honest, at first I wasn't sure whether or not I really liked the leather. It is finer/thinner than my other bags. But it is so beautiful and best of all lightweight. This bag really grew on me and now I love it. I will probably try another style.
  5. I have one on order. Should arrive day after tomorrow so I will post and give you my opinion when it comes.
  6. I have a Bianca and a Large Plum. The leather is fantastic! The leather on my large plum is a distressed lambskin while the bianca isn't and they've both held up well. I've used my bianca as a diaper bag for several months during the winter and it has held up great during different kinds of weather. I also love how buttery the leather feels and that it's light weight but not too thin.
  7. I just received the Daily Candy email-

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