Lauren Merkin and Ignes clutch bags

  1. OK, I have recently become quite obssessed with finding the perfect day clutch. I don't know the source of this obssession but I am normally only ever into practical shoulder bags, and so, this is an unusual departure for me.

    Having done some research over the past week, I think I have found a couple that are quite interesting. Does anyone have either of these bags? Are they practical as day clutches? As a minimum, I would need it to fit my purse, Blackberry Pearl, Ipod Nano and lip gloss. I think I would probably be using it for weddings or going out for lunch at the weekends etc. Even better if its use can stretch to smart evening functions.

    Ignes Romy in Pewter

    Ignes Tango in Bronze

    Lauren Merkin Louise in Vintage
    19Big.jpg 030.jpg aca8_2.jpg
  2. I have been looking for clutches lately, too. I just tried that particular clutch on by Lauren Merkin (The Louise) a few days ago, it's really great in style, size-love it. I recently bought a Tods "Marlene" clutch in lizard, and even though I thought it would be for dressier occasions, I wore it to dinner and the movies with jeans and it worked great! I also purchased a Bottega Veneta black woven clutch (also called a cosmetic bag). I really like the Kooba "Josie" clutch too-comes in many colors, and the Ananas "Abaca" clutch. I've been attracted to natural fiber clutches too-love the textures, like the "Najah" in woven raffia.
    DSC_0019.jpg index.jpg 96178_black.jpg ANAN_abacapochette.jpg yhst-5847169928780_1958_55121.gif
  3. I have the Lauren Merkin Eve clutch, which is the smaller vesion of the Louise and I love it. It is such a great looking clutch and the leather is amazing. If you need to fit more stuff the Louise really can accomodate a lot.
  4. What about a Jimmy Choo Marin or Troy? Both are large clutchs that would work for day and night. They are 50% off at JC.

    Merkin clutchs are wonderful too.
  5. Thank you, ladies for your suggestions. I found out that they carry Lauren Merkin here in London. So, I'm heading down to Harvey Nichols today to check it out myself before deciding. Will keep you posted...
  6. I really am digging the Ananas one, it's bigger than the others and I think it's cool you want a daytime clutch (I can't function without a big bag), you still need to carry around more than what a Lauren Merkin clutch or Kooba clutch will fit.
  7. I don't own ANY clutches but I do own an Ignes bag and the leather is spectacular. They also personally engraved my initials into the leather. I've never heard of another company that does this so I'm pretty impressed with their service. :yes:
  8. The service is excellent. I bought my first and only Ignes bag when the owner's mother came and did a trunk show at our offices around 3 years ago. Quality is excellent for that price point.
  9. Of the three you originally posted, I like the second Ignes clutch. I don't really see silver for day, and I really like that second shape.
  10. I like the Ignes Romy best.
    Go with Ignes, they truly care about their customers!
    You'll get a suede lining too.
  11. I prefer the Ignes... They also do a large Veronica clutch, which I think would be suitable for a day clutch too...