Lauren Hills website

  1. question: they have a lot of bbags on this site but unfortunately i can't read the writings! only a few words are showing in english and the rest are....a bunch of characters that im not familiar with. is there any way that i can view the site in all english?
  2. Yes, I also have the same question. This site is listed as one of reputable stores that carry Bbags, and it seems they are located in Tokyo. Has anyone ever purchase from them ?
  3. What's the they have better selection/prices than other places?

    Is this an ivory men's messenger? Interesting. They've got the price on this at 134,400 Yen, which converts to $1,154.29 at the moment.

  4. I've looked at this website on a number of occasions ... I do not find that their prices are any bargain; if anything, they are higher than in the States. Even one of the bags that they had "on sale" was still priced higher than in the US. If you're going to order from overseas, is the way to go (in my opinion).
  5. thanks ceejay! ill do that.....i was just curious about that site.....but yeah i wont be getting my bag there..... thanks again!